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"Fortunately, here in the US, we do not subscribe to cultural myths, and we know for certain that (overwhelmingly) white Europeans came to the "new world" looking for wealth and land and they virtually wiped out entire tribes of existing peoples who had been living in what they called their homeland for thousands of years. The Spanish conquests of the tribes of America, for example, was brutal, even wiping out up to millions of people (intentionally, it is claimed) by smallpox and other European born pathogens. The Dutch were sailing around the world transporting (besides their share of those pathogens) slaves and the like, for money. I suppose there must be some angle on blaming all that on religion somehow. Though there were no Muslims on the scene."

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  1. Bikini line wax pictures
    Kazishicage10 months ago

    I would love to hear that conversation with the phone company...

  2. Bikini line wax pictures
    Zular10 months ago

    That an people's inability to even acknowledge objective reality that conflicts with the reality they *feel*.

  3. Знакомства
    Darn10 months ago

    To you everything is "speculation"

  4. Bikini line wax pictures
    Mile10 months ago

    And by that logic, If people assumed your Mr. Innocent Christian ex was innocent, and were wrong about it, we could also make a conclusion that if we assume this man is a rapist 'waiting to happen' we could also be wrong about that as well.

  5. Takora
    Takora9 months ago

    If hypothetical mind games don't interest you, and you don't want to answer the dilemma, Why are you here?

  6. Kazirg
    Kazirg9 months ago

    Paul had no knowledge of Jesus? ministry?

  7. Знакомства
    Dozahn9 months ago

    Must be your standard of living. Oh wait, we have a higher standard of living. Must be your life expectancy. Oh wait, we have a better life expectancy. Must be your lack of poverty. Oh wait. We have less poverty. Must be your race relations..... oh wait, we have better race relations. Must be the incarceration rate. Oh wait, we have a lower incarceration rate. Must be health care. Yes, it?s health care..... unless you?re poor. Then you sit and wait to die. But they don?t count anyways. Vacation time? I get five weeks, my wife six. Been to the Caribbean twice so far this year and we?re going to New Orleans in September to celebrate her masters degree which cost me $4000 a semester for 5 years. How many weeks do you get? Life satisfaction? Nooo, we score way higher. Our 6th to your 14th. Armed forces? Yes, absolutely. Best armed forces on the planet.

  8. Bikini line wax pictures
    Zuluk9 months ago

    Marinated, with red wine.

  9. Bikini line wax pictures
    Zoloshicage9 months ago

    They may very well.

  10. Maular
    Maular9 months ago

    Fathers Day confuses you.

  11. Bikini line wax pictures
    Voodoogore8 months ago

    Don't put a lack of belief on others.

  12. Fenrizil
    Fenrizil8 months ago

    Pretty sure he would still be just as mad if there were a bunch of white people in that restaurant that were EXACTLY like him. I get the impression he got irrationally mad because he felt less special because of all the white people in the restaurant and the fact they increased his wait time for his burger.

  13. Visar
    Visar8 months ago

    An "atheist" does not get to define what "real Christianity" is.

  14. Gulkis
    Gulkis8 months ago

    That was easy.

  15. Знакомства
    Nejas8 months ago

    Most of those teachings were already in the Torah (Old Testament).

  16. Munris
    Munris7 months ago

    No and HUgs to help take care of what is ailing you...

  17. Bikini line wax pictures
    Bashura7 months ago

    Bin Ladden had tons in his house when they killed him as I recall.

  18. Zulkilrajas
    Zulkilrajas7 months ago

    My balls itched yesterday. It was also the day after Mother's Day. Luckily I scratched my balls. I hope the itch is done. Praise me.

  19. Yolabar
    Yolabar7 months ago

    Religion was introduced as a means to answer questions that always plagued humankind. As many of these questions became answered through science, the need for religion has become negligible.

  20. Tataur
    Tataur6 months ago

    Sweet D :)

  21. Fenritaxe
    Fenritaxe6 months ago

    I mean, their are two distinct creation stories. They cannot both be correct.

  22. Знакомства
    JoJogor6 months ago

    Because they're fire as hell.

  23. Dim
    Dim6 months ago

    Stop being a dick and a child

  24. Знакомства
    Tygojinn6 months ago

    probably not, especially when Jesus eludes to the OT but what if they just agreed they are teaching stories? Even the horrendous drowning of children would take on a different meaning because we would know it didn;t ACTUALLY happen

  25. Знакомства
    Kektilar5 months ago

    I have a supply in my closet, don't pilfer my totally legally-obtained spermbabies, Yvonne. ??

  26. Zulkimi
    Zulkimi5 months ago

    i say that all day every day :*-(

  27. Знакомства
    Akijar5 months ago

    The problem is the government can?t make judgements on what is proper for a religious organization or what is religious or not. That violates the separation of church and state.

  28. Bikini line wax pictures
    Nikotaxe5 months ago

    I just find the alternatives far more appalling. Criticising the current administration can only lead to what happened last night, something worse.

  29. Знакомства
    Daikree5 months ago

    Considering the marvels of DNA, four bit programming light years ahead of our best computer scientist (as said by Bill Gates who knows more about programming than any biologist), the most sophisticated information storage system known to man with our best technology we can?t duplicate, and inside the cell DNA control miniaturized machines with gears etc. impossible for our current technology to reproduce, where in nature do we ever find blind forces with the ability to outstrip our best minds and technologies?

  30. Bikini line wax pictures
    Gajin4 months ago

    He's continually tried, but he's not forcing teaching on us. There are some hard lessons, but humans tend to forget.

  31. Bikini line wax pictures
    Taugal4 months ago

    Evolutionary biology DOES agree with me.

  32. Zulkigor
    Zulkigor4 months ago

    So it still isn't a logical answer. How is a child's foreskin a sign of covenant?

  33. Знакомства
    Kekazahn4 months ago

    Oh my goodness ????????hit him with a skillet ??

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