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  1. Знакомства
    Arakinos11 months ago

    The survey of the Levites in Numbers is strictly instructed not to include males under one month (or women at all).

  2. Goltinos
    Goltinos11 months ago

    Care to demonstrate that joy in death for those who seek it can be obtained only by religion?

  3. Free latinas sex teen video Redhead
    Brabar10 months ago

    "Your approval for your own highly regarded opinions is in fact abysmal. Perhaps one of the least approved posters here on this channel. I have found that several folks who just can?t get much respect preaching their opinions on the Religion Channel offer several explanations or apologetics for there ? getting no respect? "

  4. Mazugrel
    Mazugrel10 months ago

    sjw. If the theists here did not preach their opinions to the world and had the secure faith of, oh say the Amish, then the skeptics would not need to counter the nonsense of the ancient ignoramuses, would we?

  5. Gataxe
    Gataxe10 months ago

    You obviously did. Which demonstrates your closed mind.

  6. Free latinas sex teen video Redhead
    Tami10 months ago

    Passion. He is full of passion and seriousness for his work. And he honors every person he met.

  7. Kajihn
    Kajihn10 months ago

    The NEW YORK POST ?!?! Who are they endorsing this year, John L. Lewis?

  8. Zulubar
    Zulubar9 months ago

    GTEZ. Hmm. At the Wedding Perry in Cana everyone was feeling ?Mary?, so she left?

  9. Nisida
    Nisida9 months ago

    I might try these so-called "news paper"

  10. Vubar
    Vubar9 months ago

    read down about 15 messages. there are 3 of them directly below one of your own posts.

  11. Zolohn
    Zolohn9 months ago

    There is nothing more terrifying than an asshole with a firearm.

  12. Free latinas sex teen video Redhead
    Kizuru9 months ago

    I apologise: I confused you with Poppy. He is a liar.

  13. Fegul
    Fegul9 months ago

    I would ask if you feel that it is god that has brought us to this "better life" why has he left so many living in poverty and in fear of starvation and drought. Surely we would all have been upgraded to the "better life". What upgrade have the starving people living in abject poverty around the world had? I would say humans have strived for a better life and science has helped us to do that. But it's man not god that has done this in my opinion.

  14. Free latinas sex teen video Redhead
    Kirr8 months ago

    You're combining racism with other things. This isn't just prople talking about sex.

  15. Dule
    Dule8 months ago

    Everything is interrelated, but I think it's probably a mistake to assume the exact same patterns occur at all levels. The atom is not a tiny solar system, and the galaxies are orders of magnitude complex and different to a human mind.

  16. Free latinas sex teen video Redhead
    Faekasa8 months ago

    Well I heard him say that "nothing" to a cosmologist is like what's inside a shoe box. It's still something. I'd like to see someone prove that there was ever nothing or that nothing could even exist in reality and it isn't just a human concept, a human invention. In fact it's pretty difficult to even define "nothing" because as soon as you try to, you give it properties which makes it something. And the present form of the universe expanded from something and scientists call that a singularity which is science lingo for "we don't know."

  17. Tenos
    Tenos8 months ago

    no clue what that means

  18. Bralabar
    Bralabar8 months ago

    You say it poke-ee bowl. It's raw fish and other stuff in a bowl. Like this tuna bowl.

  19. Faujar
    Faujar8 months ago

    A quote that has been widely misunderstood by many. John 10: 34, 35 is in reference to the Jewish magistrates of Psalm 82:6. They administered God's justice to God's people. The magistrates are called God?s sons.

  20. Fenricage
    Fenricage7 months ago

    It isn't for the worse. It's just for the different. In many cases it's for the better.

  21. Zur
    Zur7 months ago

    It requires gullibility and overall submission to what your "betters" on TV tell you. That, you have in spades.

  22. Kagal
    Kagal7 months ago

    If you look at what the passage you posted is saying, it is pointing to the building that is built being tried in the fire. It says that their work will be brought to light by the day.

  23. Знакомства
    Kajibei7 months ago

    A president has the power of pardon ... period. Impeachment is not a conviction of any kind, it's simply a vote of no confidence by Congress. Removal from office is a whole different subject from impeachment. Can a president pardon in this case himself ? No. First he has to be convicted of a crime to need a pardon mind you while in office. He will be removed for the conviction where he will no longer have the pardon power due to not being the president.

  24. Mikakazahn
    Mikakazahn7 months ago

    Please identify the strawman in my statement.

  25. Free latinas sex teen video Redhead
    Shakajin6 months ago

    3 =/= 1.

  26. Yogul
    Yogul6 months ago

    and there it is folks!!

  27. Bralkis
    Bralkis6 months ago

    Wait... is English your first language? Seriously.

  28. Felar
    Felar6 months ago

    Straight from the desktop? (no pun intended...)

  29. Marisar
    Marisar6 months ago

    And I get that. And had that been all she did, I wouldn't care. But she flat out listed herself as a minority in an Association of American Law Schools directory. That's flat out wrong.

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