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"And retired Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong, writing in "The Fourth Gospel: Tales of a Jewish Mystic," declared Jesus didn't say anything in the Gospel of John and, by extension, Revelation. The reason John differs so radically from the synoptics is because it's mythology written to deify the mortal Jesus. Do you really believe Jesus could have repeatedly claimed "IAM" god and wouldn't have been stoned to death for blasphemy?"


"Jon. Choose. I moaned, and ground my hips back towards him.


Then she peeled her shorts down her legs. Their father had a fight with their aunt and because of that Anthony would have to watch his little brother all summer. He invented and held the patent rights to quite a few devices. The older woman recrossed her legs, her arms folded before her.

She'd show the pictures of him groveling at her feet. "Yeah that would be great!" she called back to me. I tell how I have been pleased with his first whipping.

She was moaning like crazy now and had her orgasm in the next few mins. Then I asked her if she had given a blowjob before to which she said that she did not know about it. I am pleased. The first two week of the summer were hell because Kevin could do whatever he wanted like play video games or hang out with his friends, while Anthony had to clean the house by himself, because it was his responsibility to make sure the chores get done and that Kevin did them, but he had no power over Kevin and Kevin knew that.

We had been planning to take the next couple of days off extending into the weekend so we had no reason to rush home.

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  1. Gogor
    Gogor9 months ago

    That's a Straw-Man argument. God would never say that, and it would never happen.

  2. Знакомства
    Tall9 months ago

    But you did.

  3. Знакомства
    Yozilkree9 months ago

    Well, one of the key rationale's for granting tax exempt status to churches, besides the fact that the donations their members give have in most cases already been taxed, is so they can give tax exempt status to other not religious groups that perform charitable work, to encourage that kind of grass roots outreach which is considered to be a good thing. If only non religious charitable work was tax exempt, that would be a kind of discrimination against religious groups, and a violation of the 1st Amendment. So all groups defined as charitable are treated the same. It makes it possible for folks to deduct their donations to the Red Cross and the like, as a kind of carrot by the government to make those kind of donations. But it must include religious charitable work to be fair under our system.

  4. Telkree
    Telkree9 months ago

    "At best manipulation" - you don't think that is a generalisation?

  5. Знакомства
    Moogushicage9 months ago

    I think that most religious people?s objection to abortion is based on the idea that a fetus (and even a fertilized egg) has ?a soul.? These same people often support the death penalty, and war, and the inhumane treatment and slaughter of other (non-human) animals to eat, and some even eat those animals? unborn fetuses or babies (veal, although that doesn?t seem to be as popular now as it once was, and lamb).

  6. Spank that powered by phpbb
    Zululkree9 months ago

    Yes, its not Sharia law that concerns you, because no country that does not want that legal system need adopt it, but Muslims, their way of life that you fear. Like I originally suggested. Shouldn't we have much more fear of countries with dozens or hundreds of nuclear weapons pointed at us? Just a few weeks ago Putin was on TV showing video enactments of their new more powerful nuclear bombs hitting Florida (it wasn't Maralago, it looked like he was targeting Sarasota.^). The POTUS was threatening to nuke North Korea. And you fear Sharia law?

  7. Spank that powered by phpbb
    Tat9 months ago

    This reminds me of an old episode of The Real World. The guy actually proposed to his girlfriend while they were walking up to get their diploma. I thought it was extremely tacky but to each their own.

  8. Dura
    Dura8 months ago

    In all fairness, Harper also ran 6 straight years of deficit before finally balancing during the election year.

  9. Spank that powered by phpbb
    Mezimi8 months ago

    You recommended segregation. Be honest about what you're discussing.

  10. Spank that powered by phpbb
    Faeshakar8 months ago

    Oh, I have plenty of judges in my life to tell me when I'm making irrational choices. :) My point is that we are not reliably rational about everything because we all make very irrational choices and easily believe very irrational things.

  11. Spank that powered by phpbb
    Kigajas8 months ago

    Wow Niamh... for someone who promotes the murders of babies on a regular baises, you sure seem to be really ignorant on what abortion entails and how life is created. Do we need to cover the birds and the bees too and explain the act that creates the baby too?

  12. Знакомства
    Kaktilar8 months ago

    I see you have not fully put letters into a word. Is that a way of getting around forbidden words ?.....I found posts to me blanked out in my In box from Disqus and comments not there . Is it my Moses Tablet or am I being censored ? ?? ??

  13. Spank that powered by phpbb
    Megar8 months ago

    ?It usually seen as something men do? It is?

  14. Знакомства
    Bralrajas8 months ago

    Only one letter difference between us...lol

  15. Spank that powered by phpbb
    Bashura8 months ago

    The real ones don't. Even Rand Paul tends to get rigid around this stuff. He filibustered funding the FISA surveillance program before it was cool to do that.

  16. Знакомства
    Faegar7 months ago

    Unless science pursues those thoughts, how can you know they are inane?

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