Foster Home Spotlight:

TJ was placed with A Brighter Day in 2012. Initially he was a very quiet young man, however when he was placed with Mr. Griffin he began to come out of his shell and share his interest.

Over time TJ displayed a special gift for “video gaming” and began to explore the possibilities of what his interest in gaming could offer for his future. Fast forward 3 years and he has graduated from high school and now attends a well-known Arts Institutiute to capitalize on is dream of becoming a video game developer.

To this day TJ maintains contact with Mr. Griffin and is considered a major source of support and family for not only TJ, but for over 20 other young men. He is slated to open his group home, Hazel’s Haven in 2015.

Foster Home Spotlight

The Tarrant’s have had over 45 successful reunifications since they have begun fostering with A Brighter Day in 2013.

Shavonica and Travis Tarrant are unique foster parents because they both have personal experience with foster care. Mr. Tarrant’s parents have fostered for over 20 years and have adopted 8 children. Ms. Tarrant was adopted at age 9 and has a personal passion for sibling groups due to her own personal experience of being separated from her siblings as a child.

“Even though I was only 9, I sill saw myself as my siblings ‘mother’ I was the one that made sure we were all ok, and that was how we survived. No one can understand the pain of what not knowing if your siblings are ok feels like. Not knowing when, or if you will ever see them again is traumatic all by itself.”

The Tarrants contribute part of their personal experience to why they chose to foster. They have already adopted 1 child into their home, and are willing to be a forever family for those they believe God has designated to be a part of their family.

The Benson Group Home:

The Benson Home is located in Reunion Colorado and is one of the most requested homes in the A Brighter Day Agency.

With over 28 successful discharges the Benson Home specializes in Independent Living Skills. The home has done amazing project with young men including, teaching them carpentry, and landscaping skills.

Several of the Benson placements have gone on the receive their GED and lead productive independent lives.