“I am a product of the environment. It’s not just my job — it’s who I am, it’s where my passion lies.” – Kia

Founders Kia & Alonzo Smith started A Brighter Day Child Placement Agency from a deep rooted passion for helping kids.

Kia has always held a passion for helping kids. As a teacher she found herself gravitating towards a social work role, seeing the evidence of how home dynamics impact education every day in her classes. But when she found herself facing an illness that pulled her from the classroom, Kia’s role as an advocate for kids took a new turn. She began writing home studies for a connection in social work from her bed as she recovered . The passion she found soon moved her into a case management position.

Kia’s passion soon sparked a flame in her husband, Alonzo. While she managed cases and got to know the families she served, Alonzo began researching everything he could find about the business of foster care, social work, and child placement agencies. When he filed the CPA Application for A Brighter Day, their fate was sealed. Both Kia and Alonzo knew they could turn their passion into an organization that could bring support and success to the children in need.

A Brighter Day began as a licensed CPA with only a table, two chairs and passion. Kia lined up empty binders on the shelf, and prayed that one day they would be full of success stories. In less than 1 year, they outgrew their basement office and the binders were half full.

Today, A Brighter Day continues to grow and serve more families from their large offices in Denver. The team has grown from two founders to a team of 9 advocates for children. The passion that Kia and Alonzo felt from the first day hasn’t faded – they still hold the same commitment and drive that first called them to start A Brighter Day.