“It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to help kiddos out of a bad situation into a healthy, safe and clean home with a provider that truly has their best interest at heart.” – June

June Smith – Case Manager

I am currently the Foster Care Coordinator at A Brighter Day, which involves visiting the families once a month to determine how things are going with the provider and the kiddos. I make sure the home environment is safe and clean for the kiddos we place there.

I choose to work here because of the type of services ADB offers.

Peppy Le Pew is my favorite cartoon!! I love fashion so I try to keep up with the latest styles, I enjoy shopping and traveling (Las Vegas is my favorite spot). I am happily divorced, with two adult sons (and my gorgeous daughter-in-law) of which I’m extremely proud of all 3, and have 5 beautiful grandchildren that I adore with all of my heart!

“A Brighter Day offers a healthy environment for children of all ethnicities. I find this agency as being a wonderful place to work.” – LaWanda

LaWanda Price – Intake Specialist

I am employed by A Brighter Day Child Placement Agency as the Licensing Specialist. My duties are to maintain the Child Placing Agency regulations in order to license foster homes and to provide case management services to foster homes and the children placed in those homes.

I’m responsible for screening, facilitating orientation and interviewing with prospective foster families. My duties also include processing foster family applications and conducting home studies for foster home applicants and ensuring each licensed home is regularly in compliance with licensing procedures.

I chose to work at this agency because I’m interacting with providers inquiring about this agency foster care program.

My hobbies includes playing the piano/keyboard, bowling and travelling. I’m happily married with 1 child and hoping for grandchildren soon.

“I wanted to work with an organization that genuinely loves and cherishes the kind of work they do, and can give me the satisfaction of knowing that we as a team make a difference in at least one child’s life each day before we go home.” – Suwanee

Suwanee Halliburton – Office Coordinator

I am currently the Group Home Coordinator for A Brighter Day. My job consists of doing home inspections to make sure each home is clean, safe, and comfortable to live in. I also take care of the monthly paper work that the provider’s are required to submit for each kiddo in their home.

My mother is from Thailand, and my name (Suwannee) means “Beautiful River” in Thai. I have a 2 year old daughter, Nylah, which is of Irish origin meaning Champion. I love going out to restaurants and trying foods from different countries.