The Application Process

There is a three phase process to becoming a foster family in Colorado. A Brighter Day will help our applicants through this process – if you have any questions, please contact us at 303-481-8659 or

If you are a current client of A Brighter Day, please log-in on the Current Families page to proceed with this process.

Below is an overview of the certification and licensure process. All requirements are listed below, and the process takes approximately 90 days to complete. Our agency will submit your background information to the State of Colorado and assist you throughout the process.

Phase 1 – Obtain Application and Background Checks:

  1. Complete the State of Colorado Application to be a foster parent
  2. Submit a finger print card for all individuals (18 or older) living in the home ($39.50 per person)
  3. Complete the Background Investigation Unit form listing all persons living in the home ($33.00 per household)
  4. Complete the Colorado Department of Human Service TRAILS system release of information form
  5. Submit items 1 through 4 with the appropriate fee for processing

Phase 2 – Obtain Foster Care Training and Physicals:

  1. Completed family health evaluation form for everyone residing in the home
  2. CORE Training consists of 12 hours of pre-certification foster parent training (provided by A Brighter Day)
  3. CPR/First Aid requirement must be obtained through a certified state provider
  4. Medical Administration Training
  5. A home safety inspection will be completed by A Brighter Day representative

Phase 3 – Provide Final Documentation and Obtain Foster Care License:

  1. The following forms must be signed and submitted:
    1. Discipline Policy Form (Anyone 18 years or older in the foster care home must also read and sign)
    2. Child Rights Form
    3. Biological Child Abuse Form
    4. Confidentiality Agreement
    5. Official Contract between A Brighter Day and you, the Provider
    6. Multicultural Fostering Form
  2. The following documents must be submitted:
    1. Current Drivers License or State ID
    2. Current Vehicle Registration
    3. Proof of vehicle insurance
    4. Current Pet vaccinations (if applicable)
  3. Orientation training (provided by A Brighter Day)
  4. The foster care applicants will provide A Brighter Day with the name of at least 1 respite provider