A Brighter Day is a corporation established to provide child placement and foster care services to families in Colorado.

Our mission is to stimulate hope and foster successful achievement by servicing families and children impacted through disarrayed circumstances.

As a non-profit Child Placement Agency, we facilitate the placement of children in need with available foster parents and families. We always look for the best fit, both for the child and the parents, to create a positive environment for success.


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If we had 100 new families sign up today, we’d be able to fill every one of them with a child in need.

While we are proud of the meaningful advocacy and foster families we work with every day, we know all too well that there is always a need for more families.

The decision to open your home to a foster child is not an easy one, which is why we offer the tools and resources to help you make the right decision for your family and equip you for success when you choose to foster.

Learn more about the impact of fostering and how to decide if it is right for your family.

While the process for becoming a foster family is long, with certifications, background checks, and over 40 hours of training, A Brighter Day goes above and beyond for the families we serve.

There is no fee for licensing through A Brighter Day. We’ll help you manage the application, paperwork, and submit the requests for background checks. Our only condition is that you work with us for 1 year, through our training programs designed for successful fostering experiences.

But foster success is so much more than training. We recognize that these children also have healthcare and academic needs that are too often not being addressed. We aim to help every child we work with graduate with financial aid or scholarships for continued education. See the tools and resources available for kids & teens.

A Brighter Day is committed to your success – we will provide the support and tools you need to achieve it! See more about the impact training from A Brighter Day has on the lives of children and foster families in Colorado. If you have any questions or concerns, explore our site or give us a call at 303-481-8659.